Welcome to The Fishermen.net!

We are so excited at this opportunity to be able to spread the Word of God worldwide with Scripture signs! In this day and age, we, as ministers of the Word of God, face opposition time after time again. From the removal of prayer in schools to the driving out of the Ten Commandments from any public view, we need to storm this nation and let the Word of God be seen and heard by as many people as we can reach!

It's not enough to just go to church on Sunday! We need to take the Word of God to the streets! Jesus commanded us to "Go into the world and make disciples of all men..." By placing a Scripture sign in your yard you will share God's Word with every person who passes by your home even when you're not there!

This ministry has so many opportunities for you! You can grow your own personal ministry by 1) simply placing a sign in your yard, and 2) sharing more information about the scriptures on the sign using the Ministry Helps included with each sign.

It doesn't stop there! Do you have a youth group or other church ministry that needs a form of financial growth or fundraising? Sell Scripture signs! We have a program that can produce significant financial returns for your ministry! Learn more.

Don't leave this web site without asking yourself, "What more can I do for the Kindgom of God?"

We're on a mission, and we need soldiers for Christ!

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